58079: Egress

model   58079:  Egress    
status   NIB
Heading   Jamie Booth kit #007
date entered   4/16/2016 9:22:00 AM
description   A year and so ago, i was talking too my friend Tamiya Era about how to merge a Egress and a Top Force. This resulted in my Top-Egress shell. Not long after this the thread for the Jamie Booth Egress, that had been on TC for a while without me knowing about it got active again. I was in heaven and could not belive that some one actually had merged the Egress with the Top Force. My head started thinking right away that this was a project i had to do, i must have a Jamie Booth Egress. Not long after this i was contacted by Jontathan Crayer about my Top-Egress shell, he was wondering if i could make him one that he was planning to use on his Jamie Booth replica. This got my attention right away, replica you said? Yeah he had a friend Dave aka longrat who runs Full Options and they had been allowed to borrow the Booth Egress to replicate it. Then i just had to ask is there any way that i could also get a kit? I’m so pleased with that Full Option decided to sell this kit to the one’s who really wanted it. This ended up with 17 limited kits which i got nr 007. This kit will not stay NIB, it will be build and displayed on my shelf. As many of the other who bought this kit, i wish i had bought two, so i could have one for running

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