58583: Egress 2013 (nib)

model   58583:  Egress 2013
status   NIB
Heading   So glad they re released the Egress
date entered   8/2/2015 6:50:48 PM
description   So when i heard that Tamiya had decided to re release the Egress again, i thought i will not let this opportunity slip. So i bought 3 of them, one have been built as my black special Egress that can been seen in my show room and these two in the pictures are stoved away. I thought i had allready added them to my show room but can’t see em. For now i don’t have any plans for these other than to keep em NIB. I have a vintage Egress as a shelf queen and my black special, i put together a runner of parts from restoring a avante 2001, my vintage Egress and the black special. I will be getting the Jamie Booth replica kit, so it might be that i will use one of the kits for that build.

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