TA-01 Turning Yellow

So I have for quite some time now been getting yellow parts to build a Yellow TA-01 chassis.  I will start this project this weekend so more pictures will follow soon. I will not do many mods on this build, i think.

Stay tuned

Let’s get this thread started. Here is the car, chassis and parts I’m going to use. 


Allready there is allot of yellow parts on the chassis but there could be even more 

OK, so considering the body on this car it should have been orange, but I had no luck in finding all the orange parts needed so then yellow it is. 


So far so good. Next thing will be to give it a good wash before I start putting it together again.

Went through my parts box and found some parts I think will be nice to have on this car.

The thing I find boring with restorations is cleaning parts, especially if they are not that dirty. That’s why it has taken some time to get progress in this project, that said I have now washed the parts.

Ok, I did wash some parts that I didn’t need to, but then again, then they are clean if I’m gonna use em on a later point. The orange chassis tub I know for sure will be used in future project.

Started to assemble the gearboxes and suspension. I noticed that there is some cracks in the plastic, but I used Gorilla glue, so hopefully that will help.

Today I managed to mount both gearboxes to the chassis tub.

First I had to mount the motor, and I choosed to mount a Dyna Tech motor and use a alu motor mount. My intention was to run this car, therefore the alu mount, but now I’m thinking this will be yet another shelf queen. And since it’s gonna be a shelf queen I might just as well use the yellow motor mount, to make the chassis more complete.

There is still some assembly to do on the front gearbox, but I can’t do that before I have dyed some of the parts. Having yellow cva’s on this chassis will not look good at all, so I will dye em black. I will also try to dye the front knuckles black since they are blue, but I don’t think they will take the dye.

Since I’m not gonna be mounting the on of switch where it’s supposed to be I added a CF plate as cover.

Got the steering mounted. Actually I forgot to mount it at first

Looking real good

Since I was a little bit unsure if I had assambled the rear lower arms correct to make the chassis fit the body. I just had to put some wheels on and see if it would fit. I decided to use the wheels and tires I bought for my TA-02 jägermaister Porsche since them look so much better than the originals.

I think the wheels looks spot on

The front knuckles I have is blue and I wanted to get black ones. Not knowing exactly which ones to get I asked on Tamiyaclub. I got to main answers both being correct. If I wanted to replace the knuckles I have I should get the TA03 ones. But since I’m using the TA01 arms I needed to use the TA01 knuckles. So here is the problem. I wanted to use the axle and the other parts I got, so therefor I was sure that I had to get the TA03 knuckles. But I got it pointed out to me that the TA01 arms are shorter than the arms that was on the car from before. That i was not aware of. then it becomes much clearer to me that i need to get the TA01 knuckles to get the wheels and tires enough out to the wheels arches.

I dyed the yellow cva dampers do match the black and (neon) yellow look of the chassis better.

I have bought me the all the equipment I need to dye stuff without having to do so on the kitchen, risking the get dye on the kitchen counter top is not a thing i want to do.

Very pleased with the end result, the dampers parts took the dye nicely

I wish all tamiya parts would take dye it would have been so much fun.. Or at least Tamiya could have released all the parts in white hop-up parts, so we could have dyed them as we please.

Next thing up will be to sort out the front suspension and drive train.

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