Kyosho Optima Mid

Did a quick polishing on the knuckles

There is a little slack in the front suspension so I added a spacer

One side almost done. The turnbuckles was a bit worn, so I painted them.

So at this stage I should mount the front bumper. But I can’t get myself to mount the used very worn bumper, so I ordered a new one.

A little more done as I mounted the rear suspension and the steering.

This was not an easy task getting the e-clips on, since I don’t have e special tool for that.

Then it was the steering mechanism turn

The first thing I needed to do was to fix an mistake I did mounting the upper arms on the wrong side of the damper tower. It was Keith Clancy in the Kyosho vintage group on Facebook who was so kind to make me aware of this. So I moved them to the inside, and it lokks so much better now

I then moved on to the dampers, I disassemble them to clean them and to change oil. I did a light polish to them, but it didn’t do to much a change, but they atleast became clean.

The black rear springs was very worn, so I painted them with a coat of black. The front springs was also not in that great condition, these was not black originally but I did paint them too. I think it didn’t turn out to bad.

Then it was just to mount em onto the chassis. Originally there was these plastic nuts, but they were beyond the point where it was possible to save them, so I used regular black tinted nuts

Looking really good, I must say

Next up is to install the steering servo, so time to have a look at the electronics. I had to change the receiver as the one that came with the car is a 75mhz, and I’m not sure where my 75mhz controller is.

Looking closer on the electronics they also for sure needs to be cleaned.

It was a pain to remove all the double-sided tape, but it turned out ok. And the the rest also turned out ok after a clean.

I then went ahead and mounted the steering servo. I must say I think Kyosho should have made a protection part I plastic for the part of the servo sticking outside the chassis. Because I could clearly see the wear on the servo due to this.

This was as far as I got this time, hope to get some more done soon.

Today I got allot of time to continue this project. I started with the upper deck, i did another clean and I polished it to make it shine again.

Here is a 50/50 pictures showing the big difference

Unfortunately the picture of the end result is not that good, but there is a “big” difference from before

Next thing was to mount the belt protection shields, it was not the easiest part to mount these after the upper deck was mounted, but it has to since the belt goes inside them.

This rubber part had to be mounted to protect the belt from the motor bay

Belt protection done

Then it was the motors turn. This motor is pretty dirty and it makes a strange sound I think.

YouTube player

So I decided to try to do something about that. I thook the motor apart.

Turns out that one of the ball bearings are worn out so that will need to be replaced.

So I found a donor motor to take the bearing from, but I also took the brushes and a special washer

All the parts cleaned and ready to be mounted again. I did also grease the ballberings and I grinded the brushess and rotor.

Now it’s time to see if it sounds any better than before. And I think it actually does.

YouTube player

I noticed that I was missing one part that is supposed to be between the motor and the alu mount, so if anyone got one spare and would be interested in selling it to me please let me know.

I also decided to change the conectors on the motor, to be more standard.

Looks pretty nice, if you ask me

It’s time to seal up the gears

Looking good, real good

Next up is the rest of the electronics, since there is a very limited space available I decided to mount the ESC where the servo for the msc would have been mounted.

The receiver I mounted as shown in the maual

When I was going to mount the wing mount I noticed another part I was missing, one of the two small square parts that goes in the middel of the mount. So agian, if anyone got one spare, please let me know. I just made an temporary one of a body post.

Last step before starting to work on the body is to mount the wheels and tires, since I’m still waiting for the new tires to arrive, i just mounted the wheels.

So that’s it for the chassis, just waiting for the tires and front bumper to finish the chassis. Once it’s all done I will take better pictures and show you

I have been working on the body, wing and undercover, for a while now, but I must say that I’m not 100% pleased. Firstly I noticed that the body don’t seems to be the correct one, since this one have a “bubble” on one of the windows, please correct me if I’m wrong. A quick search shows that it’s most likely for the Turbo Optima Mid. I also had some issues with applying the decals, that made me not able to get mine to be identical to boxart. That said I have made my version for now, but I might at a later stage get a new body and decals and redo it.

It was very hard to see the cut lines, so I drew them on, to make it a bit easier on the cutting.

After I had cut some of the body I put the old body outside the new one to mark the special places I have to cut. But I noticed a big difference in lenght of the body. Does this have anything to do with short and long wheelsbase?

I had to try it on, once I was finished cutting it and made the bodyholders hole.

Painting done, I used Tamiya PS-1 White and random black I had.

Started to apply the decals, and it was a nightmare to apply the big ones, I don’t know how many times I had to take it of and redo it. Later on I noticed that I had applied it a bit to much close to the front, by then it was to late to redo.

After realising this mistake I searched for Kyosho official Optima Mid picture and found this.

I also used Glenn Barclay’s Optima Mid as inspiration. More of that car could be seen here:

I then needed to try it on the chassis, just to see how it looks. And by the way the new bumper has arrived so I have mounted it.

I also wanted to see how it, looks with tires, so i took the wheels and tires from my Vanquish, since the Kyosho tires still haven’t arrived. I think both the wheels and the tires could pull this of.

So here is the finished body, the true original entusiast would not like this I could imagen. Again since I don’t have the original tires yet, i deceded to use rear Egress tires, since they are very similar to the original one’s

So what is next for this car? I will mount the rear swaybar, I will adjust the the steering and dampers. I also need to change the reciver since the one i had was a bit to large. Also I need to change the steering servo as it has stopped working for some strange reason? Mount the original tires once they arrive, and to some tirelettering in white. As mention before, i might get the correct body and a set of new decals to redo the body. Hopfully I can soon add a short very gentle running video, but time will show.