Kyosho Optima Mid

So I have now done most of the things i mention in my last update. I think the tires are lost in the mail, so I will do them if they ever arrive, if not I do think these hybrid tires do a great job. I also did some changes on the decals so now I’m very happy with how they turned out, so will for sure not get a new body and decals to this one.

First I started with mounting the front swaybar. I had to remove the front bumper and loosen up the suspension arm mount in order to get the swaybar slipped into place.

For the rear swaybar I had to loosen up the aluminum part that holds the upper arms in order to be able to screw on the mounts. Yeah I know I should have mounted the swaybar during the build, but since this is not standard for the mid, it was not in the manual, so therefore I kind of forgot about them.

Since I have electronics in this car I needed to make a hole for the antenna, this luckily was in the manual, so it was not to hard to figure out where it should be.

In order to get a nice look between the undercolv and the body I mounted velcro.

So I then started to fix the decals to get em the way I wanted, as close as possible to box art. I also did some detailing with a marker to get the details on the roof and in the front, which was not supplied as decals from mci. I’m not sure if the originals had em either? I could also mention that I have changed the steering servo and remounted the receiver, just a litte more back on the chassis. This is the end result pictures of this project, I will take new ones if the tires ever shows up, but for now enjoy.

Finally I have got the repro tires made by Marwan. I have also done the lettering white as it fits this car real good.

I also did a little trimming on the decals. I don’t think this looks any nice

This is how it turned out after I cut out some of the decal.