Now the car is done and here is my twist with this build and the reason I called it “White Edge Edition” I’m very pleased how this turned out and now I’m really looking forward to taking it for a spinn

The Plasma Edge body I got airbrushed the MS livery to as I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to adapt the dual ridge decals.

I also didn’t want to use any of the original decals on this body, just in case that I would need them later, so i bought a TRF sticker sheet.

Just some small adjustments left to do. But there will probably some small changes done in the future, so this thread will live on.

Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed this build as much as me.

So I added two small details that I liked so much that I think it deserves to be posted here. I added tyre decals and a decal on the underside of the wing.

Took the car out for it’s first spinn. Not to tough driving just up and down the street

YouTube player

Just a little update, got some blue alu battery mounts. Think they looks ok.


So late summer 2020 I took the car out for a spinn to have go and see how fast it really is. Unfortunately it ended after 30-40 meter when I was to turn the car around and I hit a shed wall in very low speed and what you see in the picture below. Both me and my friend was shocked, about how easy the chassis snapped in two.

I started the search after a new white chassis, to my luck I got a tip on a webshop that still have in stock. In addition I also needed a new cup joint for the 4WD shaft.

So time to start the fixing, it should be pretty straight forward since it’s just to move the all the parts over to the new chassis

I bought a new oil diff because I thought it was smashed in the crash, but it looked to be ok, so I will go with it for now.

Could take the whole suspension in a whole

This time I decided to use alloy tape in the bottom for the battery trey, since the other chassis got pretty worn and dirty there, so hopefully this will protect it a bit more.

I took the opportunity to change the damper springs to the white TRF501X springs I had bought, just to make the car even more white 🙂

Time to get the electronics mounted again

And it’s done, finally back in one pice and ready for, well the shelf. I will do a speed run with the car just to see, but to be honest I’m still a bit worry about the strength in the chassis, so I don’t want to break it again