Dyna Lightning

(15.04.20) So have been thinking a little and I decided to use the grey adjusters from the donor car, they aren’t that worn and most of them look ok, the one’s not that nice I will “hide” into the frame. This is because I think them suite the rest of the parts better, and they are more correct. So of with the black one’s and on with the grey one’s

Next thing I have been thinking about is the uprights. Since the one’s I have don’t look any good, and have bad threads, I decided to use the reinforced one’s for the F103/104. I will buy some new one’s like the originals but after mounting the F103 one’s I think them will be ok.

I used some spacers 0,3mm and 3mm to remove the slack. The one thing that I might have to do is to trim the inside of the arm on the upright to get a little bit more steering, in order to make it like the original. But that I will know once I get a servo mounted.

The ball joints were a little to big so I had to make a bigger hole inorder to get them screwed in.

And both of them done.

Next I wanted to give it a go to see if I could remove the blue colour on the upper front turnbuckles. I uses a washing scrub, and I got most of it of, I think it will work to just do it like this.

And both done. You can see a weak colour of blue on them, but if it bothers me, I will try to scrub them some more. I know I can get a scrub that is even more efficient so might get one to give it another go.

I also ordered a set of black delrin suspension bushes from Takis Pallas in the Tamiya Ledgens group on Facebook. these are about 0.2g compared to the originals which is about 0.6g. Pictures to follow once I get them.

I then moved on to start mounting the rear suspension. Using he reinforced TR-15r parts here also.

And straight away i need to do some work on the chassis plate to be able to fit the suspension blocks. Oh the joy of making a CF chassis plate 🙂

Once that was done i needed to, again, get some parts from the donor car. But after that i was ready to start mounting the rear suspension

There was a little bit of slack, so i added a 0,3mm spacer to remove it, but still making the arms move free.

And mounted to the chassis

(16.04.20) Started working on the Ball differential.

All done

(20.04.20) Continued on the gearbox and got some more done.

Next up is to assemble the gearbox.

The parts I need to finish this step. The trained eye might already now see that it’s gonna be a problem

When I compare the gearshaft to the one in the manual you can see that this will be a challenge. I bought all the parts needed to assamble a TR-15t transmission, not thinking that it will not be totally the same as the one for the Dyna Storm.

So once again the donor car will save me, to be able to continue the build

Now everything fits well

I spoke a little bit to early, the spacer ring that was supposed to be on the gearshaft, made the gearshaft to short, so when I removed it, it fitted perfect.

This was actually as far as i got, since on the next step I need one of the frp pieces that I will make in carbon. So now to be able to get any further on this build I need to make the carbon fiber pieces.

Just have to show these pictures that Singapore_959, the guy that have designed these Nimrod parts, added to my build thread on Tamiyaclub. It’s a totally different chassis than the one I’m building in this thread, but it looks very good.

I hope you guys found these pictures just as interesting as I did.

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