Honda NSX Carbon Edition

I have been thinking about this projects some years now and I think its about time that I see if I can get it done, the way I hope I can. So here’s the thing, I want to replace the chassis tub with a Carbon Fiber one. I think it could be done, but there wil be some challenges I think. Like the rear “suspension” plate, how to attach this one to the main chassis. Also the hight differense of the mount of the front chassis plate. But let’s give it a try.

Firstly let’s have a look at the car. I got this car in a swap for my Dyna blaster runner, so that should give an indication how much I wanted this car. I used to have it back in the mid/late 90 but sold it and regret it as usual.

I had this damper in my parts box and I couldn’t resist putting it on this car. I think it looks the thing and it also do feel really nice.

Boy does it look nice with the new damper, I’m guessing for my driving I could just as good have kept the original yellow C.V.A damper but, come on… Look at this…

I had been looking online to see if there were a alu motor mount for this car and the one I really wanted I couldn’t justify the price for. Then I was going through some of my projects car and found this formula 1 car that had an alu motor mount and some bearings that the NSX didn’t have so just absolutely perfect.

As you can see there is a different design on the original one, but let’s measure the two of them aganinst each other and see.

Perfect fit, as this is actually them both stacked upon each other.

It looks so nice mounted, I’m very pleased with this.

As mention I noticed the Formula car had bearings installed which my NSX was missing. That said I have ordered a set of berarings for this car and they should arrive any day soon.

I noticed one difference with the formula gear and the NSX one the big spure gear on the formula car had a bearing in the center as the NSX one didn’t have any sort of bearing just the plastic from the spure. Should I maybe order up a Formula spur gear in about the same size as the NSX one, just to get it as good as I can? I will look more into the ratio between the gears since the formula one is smaller and has a bigger pinion I guess that is because to make it go fast. But I will drop this subject until later. Let’s mount the bearings in the NSX gears.

All mounted and ready for action

From the formula 1 car i won in the Tamiya Ledgens draw I took the Acto-Power Formula motor ( Ok it didn’t come with this motor, I added it to get some more speed at the track.) I must say that I think the black Sport tuned motor looks better on the chassis than the blue one but I can’t complain really.

Need to take out the black Sport Tuned motor

So what you think, do you like it as much as i do? I do look awesome and fits good to the blue alu motor mount.

I started doing some thinking around how to build the chassis, and for me it helps to do as shown in the pictures below just to see and consider and then let it be for some while. Cause in the meantime I will be thinking how to solve the different challenges.

When I was making my TA-01 VW Scirocco i played asound with the wing mirros and the rearwing, just to see.

Since I’m a big fan of red sports cars, I have ordered a new body for this one along with the wing mirrors in order to make it box art. But I have also ordered a rear wing from the 2004 NSX, so I will see if that will be fitted on the red or the white body. I’m thinking that for “serious” racing I will be using the white body, just in case anything should happen, so i don’t destroy the red one. But we’ll see.

I have to warn you as many of my projects this could take some time, so don’t hold your breath.

I got the Bearings and the carbon reinforced front uprights in the mail so I have done some more to the car.

So let’s change these white one’s. Aslo I want to see if I have some black ballconectors.

Also, I can now change to bearings in the front wheels, that will help much on how this chassis will go.

Front suspension spring 😀 😀

Found some black one’s

It even looks much better

Auch, seems like I will have to get myself a new upper front suspension arm.

This turned out very nice

Even more stuff showed up in the mail. A new rerelese body and the mirrors. In addition i got the rearwing for the 2004 NSX, to go on my white body, that I will use when racing

Just a quick mockup, before I paint them black.

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