The Grasshopper

So I got this car Of my freind when I bought his schumacher Pro-Cat. To be honest I just put it an a box and forgot about it. I thought this is just a lost case that I just might sell for next to nothing to someone who need it for spares. So when I was fixing my Grasshopper II, I needed some parts and remembered having the original one and went through my boxes and found it.

It’s in a very bad state, missing allot of parts and a broken rear transmission. But I decided to rebuild the car to something just using the parts I have, not allowed to buy anything new for it.

First, to my luck, I found a whole rear transmission, then the front suspension arms for a GH2 and I modified them to fit, then I found what I thought was cva oil shocks but turned out to be just pogosticks. Then I found some wild one tires and wheels, and I found a bear hawk “motor mount” and an 380 motor.

When putting this together I noticed that the dampers was just crap at least on the light car, and I must say I was lot really digging the outcome.

I also tried to remove the old paint using tamiya polycarbonate paint remover. I was not able to remove it all, or at least I didn’t have pation enough to do it. One of the light mounts were broken off and I thought it wouldn’t look any good without the lights. So I found an old thick body mount part and super glued it in place and drilled a hole through it.

There was also a big crack in the front of the body, that was poorly glued so I removed the old glue and reglued it, quite pleased with the result.

As allready shown the body painted.

I did try to remove the black paint of the wheels, as i was thinking to use em, but they didn’t turn out nice so i looked through my wheels and tires box to find some original ones.

Painted the driver, which is from a wild one, and I found the wheel covers that is meant to be for my Sand Scorcher, but these will be change back to the standard white plastic ones later.

After searching even more into my boxes I started finding more GH parts, I even found an very old reproduction of the decal sheet. It looks ok, but it’s not backed with white and it’s easy to scratch it. Not sure how it handles water either.

So I then decided to try to build it as close to stock as possible.

I removed the GH2 front suspension arms together with dampers and wheels and tires. I the mounted the original suspension arms, and dampers. I couldn’t find two front springs but I had the two front springs from The GH2 that I had taken off to be replaced with cva shocks. But these are a little bit bigger than the originals. So the problem was the lower mount which was to small. But to my luck i found some parts from wild one I belive it is, that fit. Problem solved, and it even looks stock, except form the red color.

Also on the picture above you can see a fix i needed to do on one of the mounings places for the front bumper.

This is how the light mount turned out, perfect nope, but good enough.

Needed to use some biggers screws for the lower damper mount as the threads where gone.

The Bear Hawk motor mount

And here is the final result, i’m pleased how it turned out, it looks ok, espacially from distance 🙂

Might need to see if i have another front bumper