My childhood Egress

So here is the story of my childhood Egress. I actually had two of them, but we will get right back to that in a bit. I all started when I and some friends entered the local Tamiya Cup in Bodø. I entered with my new built Bigwig. I remember that I had mounted rear wheels and tires instead of the regular front one’s, beacuse i thought it looked mean. The down side was that this affected the steering in a bad way. But anyway I actually managed to win the local qualification. The price was a fully covered trip to the regional Tamiya Cup in Drammen , which I think at this time, 1991, was arranged by the importer Lyche.

I understood, if I should have a chance at the regionals I needed to get another car. I got in touch with HobbyMann rc store in Drammen, which still exists, as I had found out that they had a pretty awesome finished built Egress for sale. I can’t remember everything but I think it was supposed to have special diffs, a very fast motor, it had 49000 RPM, and I remember it to be a pink can, but not which motor it was. I also had a very good Tekin ESC, with no reverse, and matched batteries. the rest of the electronics I can’t really remember. The car had a value of about 9000 NOK with all the equipment and I bought it for 5000 NOK.

I got the car not to long before It was time to go to Tamiya Cup, I think it was about 2 weeks before. So I had some time to get to know the car and practice. The car was super fast and very challenging to drive at the start, but as I got used to it, it was very good to drive. Now we get to the part about having two Egress. One day I was running the car on the road, about 3-4 days before I was to travel to regionals, when an older relative of my sister came and asked if he could give it a go. I said yeah sure, but wait until that car have passed. He did wait until the car almost had passed and gave full throttle, what happend then is that the Egress did half a donut and went straight under the passing car’s tire. The tire hit the Egress on the middle and I could see how it lifted up in both ends of the Egress. I was speechless, at first.

So what to do, I had no car to run in Tamiya Cup. I told the guy “you need to buy me a new car right now beacuse I’m participating in a competition in just 3-4 days”. He kind of agreed, but I didn’t care if he did or not, beacuse he was going to pay even if he didn’t want to. So I took the bus into the City a 2 hour ride and went straight into the local hobby shop and bought a new in box Egress at 3600 NOK. I waited for the bus to go back home some hours later and first thing I did was to start building the car. To my luck actually all the special parts could be used, so i used all those parts as i built the new car. Later the guy who had to buy me the new car asked for the old car as he wanted it, i told him that it was not possible as i had used many of the parts to build the new car. thinking about it now, off course he could have gotten the rest of the parts, but I think it was only fair that I got to keep them as to all the hassle he caused.

Now I was ready for Tamiya Cup. I must say I was pretty lucky to get an all included trip covered, to Drammen. I had my mothers boyfreind with me as he was from the area. I remember how nervous I was at the first run. As the start signal came my car shoot out and took the lead, and my car was super fast compared to the others cars, I don’t remember if I did any mistakes during the run, but I remember being in lead when my battery runned out…… No one had told me that it was 5 minutes run and not 3 min run as in the local Tamiya Cup qualification. I wished I knew that, because then I could have tuned my car to the max for 5 min run

But since we were in Drammen and this was also where the HobbyMann shop was I took a cab to the store and bought a new motor and a battery to handle the 5min race. I didn’t win but I didn’t loose either, I came in at 6th place in the 4WD class, and the best thing about it all was the adventure of participating. It’s for sure an experiance I will remember a lifetime.

I then sold all my RC stuff to a freind of mine as I needed money for my car. I guess it would be. and not that many years later I started missing the car, but then he had sold it on to others but we was not able to track down who it was. I have tried several times to figure out where it could have gone, without any luck. In february/march 2020, it showed up at the local trading site here in Norway and I knew I just had to have it no matter what. I hade to pay an insane price for it I would say given the state it was in, 3000 NOK. there were no electronics, but I got an motor the seller think came with the car, and there were missing parts and broken parts, but that’s the price you have to pay to be sure to get the car, and I guess I would never have gotten the chance again if I hadn’t bought it now.

Here is some pictures of how the car looks like now. Pictures from the add

And the motor it came with

I think I also should mention that Christmas 2019 we celebrated at my mothers place and I took the time to go through some of my stuff that had been stashed away for many years after a small fire at her house. I then found the thropy I got from the local qualitfication race and the one I got at the regional race. they has been through a small fire so they do need some love to make them shine again. And I will fix em to have them stand next to the Egress on the shelf.

So in the following pages I will post as I go along, my restoration of this car .

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