My childhood egress

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I started just very lightly to fix some of the things with the car. The first thing I did was to find a suspension balljoint that holds the front of the rear suspension arms. As you can see in this picture there is clearly something wrong with the rear suspension

Now that is fixed

Then one of the screws for the top lid on the grearbox was destoyed so I changed it with another Titanium screw. That said the old one didn’t look like a titanium one.

Both read drive shafts were missing, and since I have a pair of Posi-joint-shafts I want to fit them to this car. Ok this is not true to the car, since I didn’t have these back in the days, but for me that is ok, since I have wanted to get these fitted to a car for a long time.

As you can see in the picture above there is one screw there that is very round, so I changed it. I didn’t have the correct lengt titanium one, so I just took a longer one an cut it.

Then both drive shafts fitted

I think next I will have to do is to change the front gearbox as the damper stay is broken. It has been fixed in a very good way. this is not done by me, but I think i will keep that solution, just make the carbon pieces look a little bit better.

(23.04.2020) Continued with fixing the front gearbox

Gearbox removed from the chassis

Had to see if this was the special diffs that I remembered the car had when I had it, and unfortunately these are the stock one’s.

When splitting the gearbox I also broke the mount to the front wall of the gearbox. So I will a new one.

Then it’s time to have a look into my Avante/Egress/Vanquish spare parts box.

To my luck I had this in my box. I wonder if it’s vintage, it seems like it on the writing.

Time to start assembling the gearbox again

Most of the Tamiya ballbearing seem to be in good condition

All the screws are quite dirty and some are very worn, so If they are salvageable I will clean them, if not I will replace them with vintage titanium screws

They clean up very well

Looks like new build.

Then the diff and gears need to be cleaned

Boy these looks dirty

this is better, all cleaned up and ready to be assembled again

Ahhh, look at this, it looks so nice

Had some problems with mounting this one. As you can see, it’s a bit expanded at the end. So I took a file and removed some of the edge

It sure did take a long time to get to this point, but now it was time to mount the gearbox to the chassis again.

Then it’s the front suspensions turn, the plastic looks to be ok, and most other things to, it’s just a little dirty

Oh, the universal drive shafts have for sure seen better days. Good thing these will be replaced with the posi-joint shafts.

Also this bearing have seen better days, so it will need replacement. To my luck the posi-joint shaft already have a blue tamiya sealed bearing on it. (actually not possible to get it of for some reason?)

All cleaned up and ready to be mounted. Sorry for not taking more photos of this, I forgot.

The pins for mounting the front suspension are worn, but they should be ok, without one of them that is bend. I first found a set of the new one’s used on the rere, but they were way heavier than to original one’s. I tried to weigh them, but my weight couldn’t handle that small weight.

Then I had a look into my other Avante/Egress/Vanquish spare part box, and to my luck I also had some spare used original one’s that I could use

One all cleaned up and one very dirty one.

The blue adjusters were very worn, so I changed them

These Posi-Joint drive shaft’s do look really nice, I wonder why they didn’t use em more on other kits, like the Top-Force Evo? Maybe it got something to do with weight?

The next step is to the mount the front bumper and the sway-bar. Since the car is missing the sway-bar and since I didn’t have this in parts I decided to use my Egress meant to be the base for my Jamie Booth Egress as a donor car.

Since both the bumper and the gearbox cover were in better condition on the doner car I decided to use them instead of the very worn one’s. And these parts are also vintage so then it’s good.

Thats it for now, hope to finish the front very soon.

(28.04.2020) Took and made some changes to the extra damper tower mount that some of the previous owners have made. I also added some spacers so it fits better.

Not my proudest work, but it will do

And mounted on the car

I then cleaned the damper tower as you can see it’s a little bit dirty

Finished cleaned and mounted to the car.

Then it’s time to do the dampers, and they are pretty dirty so I will take them apart, well almost everything.

The oil were pretty dirty

All taken apart. If you don’t have a special tool for dampers, I would recommend this TRF tool, it works very well

The adjusters were very worn, so I found some other one’s to use

The only part I didn’t take apart was the internals seals were the rods come out of. But it was very dirty so had to clean it.

All parts cleaned and ready to be assembled

And finished assembled, ok they are a bit worn but I think the turned out very nice, and they feel fantastic

When I was cleaning the screws I noticed one thing on them, there is this little round circle on the screw head, anyone know why?

I then continued with the rear part of the car

The inside of the rear gerbox cover. Not going all crazy cleaning it, but just enough to get away the old grease

The rear dampers also got a good clean like the one’s in the front. here is the end result

The only issue I had with the rear dampers was that one of them had a very bad part I’m not sure what it’s called but you can see it in the picture below. I couldn’t find a new one so for now I’ll let it be.

I noticed this car is no exception the rear bottom gearbox cover was broken in one of the screw holes. I could replace this one but since the new rerelease is quite different with the recycle logo on it, I decided to Gorilla glue it.

I then continued with the alu parts to the gearbox and the gears it self. I did have replace on as it was worn down.

All parts cleaned up and ready to be assembled

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