So A friend of me got himself a Tamiya TRF801XT and after seeing that car in action two times, I was sold I just had to have one my self. To my luck there was one for sale locally or I should say there was one for sale but the add had ended. I took a chance and sent the owner a message and asked if he still had the car, and he did 🙂 I got it at a fairly good price.

So this will be a project to turn this fantastic car into a electric brushless car running on 6s lipo.

I started with the worst part of the project stripping all the paint of the bodyshell as I don’t want i to be just blue, I got plans for this one, that I’m pretty sure gonna look epic, I’m not gonna reveal that yet, so just sit tight and wait 🙂 I’m using the Tamiya paint remover and it takes ages to get the paint removed. I notice a slight damage to the plastic, it’s turning a bit mat, I will try to polish it a bit after I’m done removing the paint. If it’s not possible well it just have to be like that. As this will be a runner it’s ok for me.

After many many hours of removing the paint, I became more clear that Tamiya paint remover did harm the body. As you can see from the picture the lexan became white/grey and it also became more crispy so it cracks very easy.

I was very disappointed about this as I know getting hold on a new body is no easy task. To my luck I was able to get hold on not just one but 2 new bodies.

I then started to remove the parts I didn’t need for for the electric conversion.

Removing the gas tank. I do like nitro cars, they are cool, but they are just not for me, as I think it’s a bit more hazzle with em. Given how far the electric technology have come now it’s a no brainer for me to get rid of the nitro engine and convert this to electric.

I’m not particular impressed with previous owner or who ever mounted the motor, using these kind of bolts underneath the chassis. Good thing this car is as good as not used.

There were some chassis pins? or what you call them that was very hard to get of, as the loctite used was very strong. But I used some heat then I got of one of them of, the one one the carbon fibre plate. I think I must get some new ones to have as I will have to use a pliers to get it off and then I will destroy the blue alloy.

The nitro engine is a Ansmann 21, not sure if it’s a good motor or not, but it will go into storage (the kit box)

There is 2 break pads, one in the front and one in the rear of the center diff.

The break system needs to go as I need to use the plastic “tower parts” at least on one of the sides of the center diff.

wow, a pretty empty chassis or a blank canvas with new possibilities.

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