So A friend of me got himself a Tamiya TRF801XT and after seeing that car in action two times, I was sold I just had to have one my self. To my luck there was one for sale locally or I should say there was one for sale but the add had ended. I took a chance and sent the owner a message and asked if he still had the car, and he did 🙂 I got it at a fairly good price.

So this will be a project to turn this fantastic car into a electric brushless car running on 6s lipo.

I started with the worst part of the project stripping all the paint of the bodyshell as I don’t want i to be just blue, I got plans for this one, that I’m pretty sure gonna look epic, I’m not gonna reveal that yet, so just sit tight and wait 🙂 I’m using the Tamiya paint remover and it takes ages to get the paint removed. I notice a slight damage to the plastic, it’s turning a bit mat, I will try to polish it a bit after I’m done removing the paint. If it’s not possible well it just have to be like that. As this will be a runner it’s ok for me.

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