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 So I decided to do something special with my re release Egress, I have been looking on Member rides to get ideas for what to do of modification. There are several cool things that have been done, and I will try to replicate some of them into my Egress, but will also come up, with some new mods, that have never been seen on the forum before.  This is probably gonna be a long term build so be patient, I promise that it will be worth the wait  :P (sorry no pictures to day, I just wanted to make the build thread so there will be no turning back :lol: )

Odd-Arne aka. bjorklo


Here is a picture of the parts I got so far for the project.



Yesterday I got the time to cut the body.


Here is a comparison of the Tamiya Carbon Fiber and the Carbon fiber plates I bought.


Today I went to an hardware store and bought some tools I will be needing for this build, so now I can soon start making my CF parts.


I can’t believe that I actually did cut the blister pack for the Egress, glad I have 2 more kits to keep NIB  :P


The build is going slow, still waiting for parts before I can start the build at full speed.


Today I got a bootle of RIT that I will use to dye my wheels. I wanted a light green color, so I ordered the Kelly Green.


I also had to go to the scondhand market to get myself an pan. So all set to go


decided to use the Vanquish wheels


After some time in the RIT, they didn’t turnout they way I wanted them to be. Not even close to the color on the RIT bootle.


Final result


So of to ebay, to find another color that will be a litle closer to the color i want.

Here is the saw I will try to use for cutting the carbon fiber. I have done a little test and it ended up with that I had to order new blades



Not had much time to build yet, but today I got some more parts in the mail.

Avante 2011 Titanium set
TT01 – Motor heatsink, this one I will have to modify some.
Avante Titanium rod set



So my girlfriend went to bed a bit early today, so I did get some time to work on the build.

I have been working on a carbon fiber part of the gearbox alu part. The Idea for making this one I got from looking on the Egress to TC member “Kontemax”. I’m quite happy with the result,

it will be needing a bit fine adjustment, but that I will do when I start building the rear gearbox.






Today I worked on the next Carbon Fiber part, the motor mount plate. I must say it was a bit easier to do this now that I have made one part of CF.






I’m planing to use this motor for the car, an Super Stock BZ.

By the way, I did as 94eg! suggested about getting an snug fit for the plastic spur holder.


Found out that I will need another better quality tool for the titanium screws, so that I don’t destroy them. I haven’t done much building due to this. Also still waiting for more parts.



 Got a new shipment of dye today, so I gave it another try to dye the wheels. This time I must say that I’m satisfied.


Had to try and see how it looks with the tires on, and I must say it looks good  :D


Also I must thank Haider/Tamiya Era for the excellent tip in using grease on the tit screws that is hard to get in. Thanks mate.

2 thoughts on “Egress Black Special

  1. Congrats! Now that I see it, I think the driver is essential to the Egresss… I’m sad Tamiya didn’t put one in the kit.
    Where can I get one too? And how did you paint this driver helmet???

    1. Thanks 🙂 I got the figure made by Fuijo a member at, after I saw the one he made for his Egress. Yeah it would have been so cool if Tamiya did include a driver figure like this.

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