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So after seeing all the builds going on now related to the DF-01 Chassis I thought just as well that I should finally build me a DF-01 runner. I could have made Terra Conqueror, but the Top Force body are more my style. I do have a box of parts, and 2 1/2 donor cars, that I meant to use as a runner project.

This is one of my donor cars


The first thing I started with was thinking that I wanted carbon fiber front and rear shock towers so I took my Top Force from the shelf and used the shock towers from it as a template.


Then I drew the shock towers onto the carbon fiber


After doing this, I suddenly remembered that I do have a Top Force Evolution and that one has other towers, so..




After some cutting with my Dremel saw and some sanding with my Dremel


Then some more fine adjustments (I did do even more adjustments after this picture)


I wanted to remove the plastic for holding the speed servo and MSC and replace it with a carbon fiber upper deck.


When I built my hop-up Terra Conqueror I did buy 3 tree’s of these, just knowing that I would get use for em some day.


This time i used the upper deck from the Top Force because I didn’t want to risk scratching or something like that on the Evolution upper deck


 In order to be able to mount it, i decided to cut the standard upper deck


It will look like this when mounted, I also made a carbon fiber part to fit in the standard upper deck



Then I just had to test mount the shock towers


Then I couldn’t resist testing the body also


 I forgot to mention that, I’m still not sure if I will be using these gear box’s or not, will need to see status on them first. I might use the red one’s if they are ok.



So i got some time today to continue on my Top Force runner, most of the work went into the front suspension.

I bought this Terra Conqueror from fellow TC member Klausen, just becuase of the wheels i will use on my shelf queen Terra Conqueror. There is allot of nice parts on this chassis, so i decided to use this one as a starter point for my project.


I was thinking a bit about cutting in the chassis to fit the original part to mount the upper deck onto, but after closer inspection it shows that it will be a bit wobbling, since the diameter on the poles are a bit less then in the mount


The red gear box on the Terra was no good, so that one I can’t use


I then had a look on the other donor car and it didn’t look to good that one either since previous owner had done some cutting. That said it do still feel strong, so I will mount a engine cooler to cover up some of the cutting.


Started mounting the shock tower


Realized that the carbon fiber i have used for making the shock tower is a bit thicker than original, so i did have to do a little cutting into the gear box.


Found a bag with red adjusters i have saved until the correct time to use em, and now is that time 🙂


Took the uprights from one of the donor cars, and fitted em with ball bearing


This is how the front look like now


Did fit the servo also with high speed servo saver, but this made me have to mount the servo a little bit longer back, but i think that will not be any trouble


That’s it for today!



 Today I managed to get a rolling chassis, did some work with the rear suspension and the gearbox.

The gears form the Terra Conqueror was allot of sand in, so i decided to use the gears from the TA-02 car.


What is this white grease that have been used inside this gearbox?


All Cleaned up and re-greased


Used the tips from Kontemax how to reinforce the top cover of the gearbox


 A pleasant surprise from the TA-02 donor, a alu motor mount


Realizing that I had done a little mistake when I made the rear shock tower I had to make a solution to mount the reinforcement the tower


I then made the mount for the adjuster


When I was mounting the rear shock tower i noticed a crack in one of the mounts :( I’m going to use the gearbox until it breaks and change it then


 With the reinforcement mounted


 overview picture


Since i don’t want to mount the on off switch in the original place I made a CF plate to close the hole


Finished mounting the rear suspension


I borrowed the dampers of one of mine TRF 501X, and then I have myself a rolling chassis




One last picture, with the body on


 the plan now is to make stablizator both front and rear, if I got the parts I need for doing so. If I can think of anything else cool, i might try to incorporate that into the car.



I was not happy with the dark green wheels, so i decided to do some cooking


I think the result turned out great



The problem now is that I can’t use the box art body, I don’t think the green and red looks good toghether


I do have some motor alternatives, not sure what to pick, since it will be a runner, any thoughts?




Been working on the body for some days now




I decided to use the paint schema that Kammatec made for his Black and Pink Top Force


must have a driver








Must say that I’m quite pleased with the result :D



So today I worked on making a front stabilizator, I think I lost kontemax’s challenge for now, but this easy solution seems to work ok. I managed to make it ok during my third attempt :P

The first try, I must say was the one looking coolest, but i should have thought about getting it to work and not the cool factor


The second try I forgot about the dampers, and it was getting in the way of them working ok


So after a bit more bending of the stabilizator i got it to work



Family picture





Ok, so I’m not going to lay this thread down to rest yet, I will give it another try in getting me a Top Force runner.

I was planning to sell my Blazing Star, but after some consideration I’m going to make it a decent runner. This will be a low budget car, so I will try to use mostly parts I have already, except a new TBG Top Force body, and some new carbon fiber I have ordered.  So here is the car I got to work with.






Fingers crossed that this one will make it to the dirt :P



Done some work today on the Blazing Star on the road to convert it to a Top Force. Have changed to ball bearings, and done some of the reinforcing tricks as I did with the previous car.

I have ordered black uprights, since the red one’s just don’t look correct.

New gears



Used the old Top Force damper tower



This is as far as I got today


Starting to run out of regular screws, so I had to look through my parts box and found some old screws




A little more progress on this project. I’m waiting for more carbon fiber, hope it will arrive soon.






Work has been quite slow on my second attempt to make a runner Top Force, partly because I’m waiting for parts and because there is a real life out there also 😛

Here is what I’m been up to

I bought some alu parts to make my own front damper tower bracket/mount


I started prototyping, but this one Is no good so I will have to make a new one that is even wider


I got the new Egress drive shaft, to fit instead of the standard one


New black uprights mounted


I got the TBG body so I masked it up and painted it.


Had to test it on the chassis, I must say at this point i was not particular happy with the green color choice


But after the decals were applied it’s a different story for me, I do like it



That’s how far I have gotten now, I hope I get my Carbon Fiber sheet soon, so I can make the last parts I need to get this car running.

10 thoughts on “Top Force’ish Runner”

  1. Hi there!

    Great website, very interested reading about your Top Force project.

    I’m doing something similar to my old Manta Ray. Have started racing it and the yellow plastic damper popped open the other day. You say that you took TRF dampers from a 501X, was that the same as this set?

    Thanks very much for your time! Wondering whether to go for cheap shocks or proper TRF ones.


    1. Hi Stu,

      Thanks 🙂
      Glad to hear that you like the Top Force project, it’s such a fun chassis to work with.
      Oh, that has never happend to me, regarding the dampers, did you go big air?
      The dampers Do look to be the same, i must say i dont’t know the lenght on the one’s i used and don’t have them any longer so i can measure them. If your yellow dampers are about the same lenght then it’s the same one’s.
      I would have bought the TRF dampers and not cheap dampers. If i compare the cheap dampers i have to the TRF one’s, the TRF one’s are so much better. That said i haven’t tried to many cheap dampers.
      Good luck on the race track!

      1. Hey.

        Yes, a few jumps on the track, think that did it. Front are 80mm and rear are 90mm I think. TRF would be 5mm short on the front, no idea if that matters! Getting some cheap ones for now, anyway. Thanks again for all the photos!!

  2. I’d found your Stendhal Top Force on the TF Facebook group but here you posted so many more infos about this build!
    It’s very interesting to follow its evolution (even if it’s not an evo) 😀
    Very very nice, I’ll take lots of inspiration from yours to build mine. I didn’t know the red was paint; thought it was a custom MCI decal.
    I feel the TopForce body is very weird. Frontally or from above it looks very large, makes me think of a mop or a towel above a car. There’s a lot of resemblance to the Boomerang or the Bigwig in a sense, as it shares the same body=wing idea.
    But when looked from the side, it becomes one of the most stylish and racy body Tamiya had ever released.
    The color stripes therefore have a lot of importance to break down the monoblock shape and you need to respect the flow of the bodyshape. Hence I really think you did a great job on the red/black one.

    The red dyed sus arms and Egress wheels , plus TA01 red gearboxes are looking great on this one!z

    1. Hi,
      If i don’t remember wrong, i think it was from a Bommerang? I had several lying around so i could be wrong.

  3. Thanks! I’m actually happy to see that one can fit a driver under this super low body 😀
    I was hoping to put a driver in my TopForce and if it wasn’t possible, I wanted to swap the body for a Desert Gator… 😉

  4. Btw, what have you done with your white sus arms?
    Wouldn’t they be a great fit for your Iceblue Top Force? 😀

    1. Good thing i could prove to you that you can actually fit a driver. Keep the TP body, it’s better looking

      I still have a pair of white suspension arms, but I don’t have the iceblue TP still, I swapped it for some other TAMIYA cars.

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